12 Poor Fashion Choices That Make You Look Older & How To Fix It

Fashion can either enhance your appearance or detract from it. While embracing your age is essential, confident fashion choices can inadvertently make you look older than you are. Here, I’ll share some common fashion mistakes that can age you and offer tips on how to avoid them. Let’s dive in and discover how to make wise fashion choices that highlight your best features.

Wearing Long Skirts

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Long skirts can be elegant, but they can also add years to your appearance. When the hemline drops below your knees, it often makes you look shorter and frumpier. Opt for knee-length or slightly above-the-knee skirts to keep your look modern and fresh. If you’re concerned about showing too much leg, pair shorter skirts with opaque tights. Remember, it’s about balance and proportion. Embrace hemlines that complement your height and shape.

Wearing Bra on the Wrong Hook

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Wearing an ill-fitting bra can drastically alter your silhouette. If your bra is too loose, it doesn’t provide the necessary support, leading to a slumped posture and a less flattering shape. Tighten it to the middle or tightest hook to ensure it fits snugly and lifts appropriately. A well-fitted bra enhances your figure and improves how your clothes fit and look on you. Don’t underestimate the power of proper undergarments. Regularly get fitted to ensure your size hasn’t changed.


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Wearing too many accessories can overwhelm your outfit and make you look older. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that more is better, but less is often more in fashion. Choose key pieces that complement your outfit rather than piling on everything at once. This approach will help you look polished and modern. Simple, elegant accessories can enhance your look without overpowering it.

Neglecting Hair and Makeup

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Your hairstyle and makeup choices play a significant role in your overall appearance. Outdated hairstyles or heavy makeup can add years to your look. Opt for a fresh, modern haircut and subtle makeup highlighting your features. Keeping your hair and makeup current can make a huge difference. Don’t be afraid to consult professionals for advice on what suits you best.

Old Fashioned Eyewear

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While geek chic glasses can be fun, they can dominate your face and highlight wrinkles or sagging. Get frames that suit your face shape and are neither too large nor too small. Look for modern, stylish frames that complement your features without overpowering them. Light, neutral colors can soften your look, while heavy, dark frames can add severity. Consider updating your eyewear every few years to keep your style current and fresh.

Covering Your Neck

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Turtlenecks and high-neck tops can sometimes draw attention to the area you’re trying to conceal. Instead of hiding, try accentuating your neckline with v-necks or scoop necks. These styles elongate your neck and draw the eye upward, creating a more youthful silhouette. Scarves can also be tricky; opt for lighter, more fluid materials that add softness rather than bulk. Remember, it’s about creating graceful lines rather than hiding away.

Old Fashioned Footwear

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Chunky heels and platform shoes might be comfortable, but they often lack elegance and can appear clunky. Sleeker, more streamlined footwear options tend to look more sophisticated and youthful. Try switching to kitten heels, wedges, or flats with a bit of flair for comfort without compromising style. These alternatives offer support while maintaining a chic appearance. Choose wisely to complement your overall look.

Nude or Beige Hose

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A nude or beige hose can sometimes appear dated and give your legs a dull, lifeless look. Opt for sheer black or patterned tights so that they appear modern. These alternatives can enhance your leg’s appearance and add a stylish element to your ensemble. If you prefer a more natural look, choose a hose that closely matches your skin tone and has a slight sheen. This can give your legs a healthy, youthful glow. Remember, hosiery should enhance, not detract from, your overall style.

Wearing Velcro Shoes

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Velcro shoes might be convenient, but they often scream “practical” in a way that can age you. Look for stylish slip-ons or shoes with discreet fastenings that offer the same ease without compromising on style. Plenty of fashionable options provide comfort and support without the utilitarian look. Avoid styles that look too orthopedic or bulky. Remember, it’s possible to find functional and stylish shoes. Invest in footwear that complements your outfit and lifestyle.

Using Old Fashioned Bag

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Old-fashioned bags can overwhelm your frame and add unnecessary bulk to your look. Opt for medium-sized bags that are proportional to your body. Crossbody bags or structured totes can add a touch of modernity and keep your look sleek. Avoid bags with too many embellishments or heavy hardware, as they can appear dated. Choose classic, timeless styles in neutral colors for versatility. Remember, a well-chosen bag can elevate your entire outfit.


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Jumpsuits can be chic, but the wrong fit can be unflattering and age you. Ensure the jumpsuit fits well and flatters your body shape. Look for styles that cinch at the waist and have a tailored silhouette. Avoid overly baggy or tight jumpsuits that make you look shapeless or uncomfortable. Choose classic colors and patterns that are timeless rather than excessively trendy. Remember, fit and comfort are essential for a youthful, polished look.

Over-sized Earrings or Loops

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Large, oversized earrings can pull down your earlobes and unflatteringly draw attention to your neck and jawline. Opt for smaller, more delicate earrings that add a touch of elegance. Studs, hoops of a manageable size, or subtle drops can be stylish choices. Avoid heavy earrings that can stretch your earlobes over time. Choose earrings that complement your outfit and face shape. Remember, less is often more when it comes to accessorizing.

The above fashion choices make you look older. Avoiding these common fashion mistakes can enhance your appearance and feel more confident. Remember, the goal is not to hide your age but to make choices that reflect your best self. Embrace your style, stay current, and focus on what makes you feel good. Here’s to looking fabulous at any age!

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