12 Girls’ Trip Worthy Vineyard Tours Across the US

Napa is the best well-known wine region in the country. But what if your girl group is looking for somewhere off-beat and unsuspecting? Here are 12 unique US wine valleys nationwide, perfect for any girl’s trip.

Finger Lakes, Upstate New York

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This region of Upstate New York has been cultivating wine for over 200 years. Groups can enjoy sweeter varieties of white wine, take a boat ride on any of the lakes, and explore Upstate’s famous and quirky towns.

Walla Walla Valley, Washington

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The Walla Walla Valley is a red wine lover’s paradise. Downtown Walla Walla is the perfect place to stay with friends and experience Washington’s best produce and wine, with over 100 vineyards to visit.

Mesilla Valley, New Mexico

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Not all wine valleys are green and lush! Mesilla Valley is unique for its desert viticulture and bold flavors, resulting in getaways with the perfect blend of history and agriculture.

Texas Hill Country

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More and more visitors flock to Texas yearly for its bustling cities and, recently, its vineyards. Hill Country’s beautiful weather is ideal for wine, outdoor activities, and live events, all elements of vacation fit for bonding.

Paso Robles, California

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Halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles sits Paso Robles, another iconic Californian wine valley. This is an excellent visit for the ladies who love Bordeaux, the beach, and soaking in natural hot springs.

Albemarle, Virginia

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Just two and a half hours from Washington, DC, the Monticello wine trail is home to over 35 vineyards in a setting perfect for wine and history fanatics.

Traverse City, Michigan

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Friend groups can relax on the shores of Lake Michigan while imbibing on Michigan’s best wines. Due to its cool climate, the area is ideal for cultivating many grape varieties, from Riesling to Pinot Noir.

Ozark Mountains, Missouri

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The Ozarks are another area that is growing in wine tourism. The Lake of the Ozarks Wine Trail offers six renowned wineries, and visitors can stay in charming towns among the mountains.

New Jersey Wine Region

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Wine country spans across the state and is particularly popular in the south around Cape May. Girl groups can enjoy the coastline and explore whimsical beach towns, connecting over crisp white wines like Albariño.

Snake River Valley, Idaho

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Idaho tends to be a generally underrated destination in the United States, but its popularity is growing thanks to its wine production. Despite its high-altitude desert climate, the valley produces bold, delicious, and distinctive wines at over 50 wineries.

North Georgia Mountains

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Girl Groups can enjoy private wine tours two hours outside Atlanta in a picturesque setting. Travelers can expect southern charm, sprawling mountain views, and award-winning wines.


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Vineyards are starting to pop up all over the Green Mountain State, offering a variety of famous and artisan wines. Fittingly, Vermont is also known for cheese, an iconic wine accompaniment.

With so many beautiful wines across the country, there is no better time for best friends to travel and enjoy time together. Happy sipping to all wine fanatics!

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