Here Is Why You Feel That Life Is Moving Too Fast

Where do the days pass? The older you get, the more it seems like time just seems to fly by in the blink of an eye. Life goes faster and faster with each passing day. But, why does it seem like the days pass by so fast? There may be a scientific explanation for this.

Life Speeding By

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It seems like just yesterday when you were in high school, doesn’t it? Wait! You’re how old? When did this happen? Sound familiar? Almost every human had experienced a moment when they realized time had just turned into a blur. It’s part of growing up and part of life. Let’s talk about what causes it.

Psychological Numbness

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If you tell a child they have to wait a year to do something, that’s a huge deal for them. A year to a five-year-old is 20 percent of their life! Many people believe that our perception of the passage of time tends to shorten the longer we live, simply because of how long every minute is compared to how old we are. In other words, it’s relative to how long we live.

A Brain Issue?

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But, it’s not just the relative length of time that acts as a factor. It’s how kids process knowledge compared to adults. Scientists believe that our ability to stay sensitive to time slows down because our brain processes less information as we get older.

Eyes Of A Child

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In other words, adults become desensitized to life while kids are fascinated by everything. Everything is new to them, so they tend to pay attention to the little details in life. Meanwhile, adults are jaded about things like trees, flowers, or even the daily goings-on at work.

This makes time seem a lot longer for children than for adults. We’re just zipping through it because it no longer thrills us as much.

Busy, Much?

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Another reason we tend to perceive time differently is our focus. If you’ve ever been at a very busy workplace or engrossed in a game, you already know that being busy and focused on an activity makes time pass by quickly. We get so distracted by what we’re doing that we often forget what time it is.

Our minds aren’t focused on the passage of time. We’re just busy.

Making Memories

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Memories also play a role in it. When everything is new (like when you’re a kid), memories are easy to make. The more memories you make, the more time goes by slowly. When you’re an adult, fewer things tend to be new and memorable. So, you tend to forget them easily, and your perception of time tends to speed up.

Thankfully, there are ways to slow this down.

Get Mindful

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Mindfulness is the practice of really taking in everything around you and savoring the little details. When was the last time you made a point of taking in the sound of birds chirping, the crisp smell of fresh air, or even the way that the sky looks at night?

Getting mindful of the little things can make time slow down significantly for you.

Slow Down

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Knowing how busy behavior tends to shorten memories and our perception of time is valuable. That knowledge can help us reduce the rate at which time seems to pass. Avoid getting too busy or bogged down at work. Take time to relax and space out your day. It can help immensely.

Create New Memories

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You could find yourself inadvertently shortening the passage of time by staying in a rut. Chasing novelty and making a point of creating new memories is a great way to slow down the speed of time truly. Whether it’s hitting a new bar, going out with a new group of people, traveling to a new place or even trying a new dish, getting a little newness can help refresh your life.

Rest Up

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Though this has not been proven to be a reliable method, the truth is that getting ample rest is rumored to help you slow down time. When you’re well-rested, it’s easier to take in information. It boosts brain health. That’s why your life seems to pass by as a blur when you’re lacking sleep.

Lose Structure

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Some people also notice time passing by faster when they have a structured, repetitive, regimented life. If this sounds like you, the predictability might make time go by so quickly. This could be a sign that you need to switch things up. Take a break. Switch your regular appointments up.

Not Always Preventable

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Because the way you perceive time seems to be linked to how your brain ages and perceives things, there’s not too much you can do to slow things down. Mindfulness, taking care of ourselves, and making new memories are what’s in our control. Aside from that, the most we can all do is just enjoy the ride.

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