How Exactly You Should Wash Yourself Down There, According To Experts

If only the human body came with an owner’s manual! Part of caring for yourself is learning how to keep yourself clean everywhere, including “down there.” Most health classes don’t cover this topic; sometimes parents don’t either. So, how do you keep yourself washed down there? The answer might surprise you.

Do You Need To?

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Believe it or not, the vagina is a self-cleaning part of your body. In most cases, you do not have to do anything intensive to keep it reasonably clean. Having a soaking bath or even just going about your day-to-day is enough for most women. With that said, you can still do a little extra.

Avoid Douches

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You might have seen scented douches and vaginal wipes on store shelves, but that doesn’t mean they’re a good choice for you. Women’s private parts are very sensitive to changes in pH. Using scented products down there can wreck your pH balance, causing issues like yeast infections or vaginosis.

Ask A Doctor

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If you notice an odd smell down there or are concerned about the cleanliness, talk to your doctor to see if she has a product that can help. Douching is best done when suggested by a women’s health professional because of the risks it can pose. The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommends women do not douche.

Wash With Warm Water

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The best way to keep your lady bits clean is to shower daily and gently wipe down the area with a warm, clean rag. Use the towel to get around the folds of your vulva, then your perineum, then your anus. Do not use soaps, just the water rag. Avoid scrubbing, as that can irritate the area around your vaginal opening.

Keeping It Clean: The Practice

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Believe it or not, washing yourself down there is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your vaginal cleanliness. More often than not, how you maintain your vaginal cleanliness has a lot more to do with your health habits than it does your cleansing methods. So, let’s talk about the real keys to keeping yourself clean and healthy.

A Word About Toilets

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Another major thing to remember is that wiping is a major issue. Because your vagina is so close to your anus, bacteria can travel pretty quickly. It’s made worse by wiping. Doctors suggest wiping front to back when you’re done sitting on the porcelain throne. It can help reduce UTIs and other issues.

Keep It Breezy

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While this is technically not part of washing, it’s also essential to know how to prevent excess bacteria growth between your legs. A good rule of thumb is to choose breathable underwear, such as cotton panties. Wearing loose-fitting pants and skirts can also help avoid too much sweat down there.

After Your Fling…

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Believe it or not, there is a way to clean your downstairs after a fling. Experts note that it’s best to urinate shortly after sex to help flush out any bacteria that may have gotten into your privates after that fling. Healthcare providers believe this can help lower the chances of a UTI, a potential result of poor hygiene.

Keep Sex Toys Yours

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Another important tip for your vaginal health deals with sex toys. Don’t share your sex toys with anyone, as this can lead to bacteria transmission. Along with keeping your adult toys as your own, choosing ones made of body-safe silicone, glass, or steel rather than “jelly” or stone is important. Yoni eggs can be dangerous if made from the wrong rock!

Switch Condoms

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Did you have multiple romps with your partner? Lucky you! Whenever you have a roll in the hay with a condom, make sure to change the condom as soon as your round is done. Using the same condom twice can increase the chance of pregnancy, not to mention the amount of bacteria rubbed around down there.

What’s That Smell?

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If you’re worried about smelling a little musky down there, don’t be. Most of the push behind the need to smell floral comes from companies looking to make a quick buck off women’s insecurities. Vaginas are supposed to have a little bit of a smell. It’s natural to have a unique scent down there.

When To Worry

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While there are normal aromas that occur downstairs, some are not okay. If the smell is overpowering, rancid, or otherwise alarming, contact your doctor. It can be a sign of bacterial vaginosis, an STI, or even cancer. When in doubt, it’s always best to get a checkup.

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