14 Invaluable Lessons You Can Only Learn From Your Grandparents

Grandparents are a wealth of information. However, too often, we forget how much they can teach us. With decades of worldly experience, grandparents should be the first people you turn to for life advice. So, we asked our favorite baby boomers to share some of their most important life tips, and they gave us these 14 pieces of advice. Read carefully, as grandparents always know exactly what to say!

Hard work and perseverance

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It is becoming increasingly difficult to survive life in today’s economy. While our grandparents had it more accessible, we can’t deny that they worked too hard. Most of our grandparents spent more than half their life working hard.

Our grandparents’ past teaches us that working hard always comes with a sweet reward. We may not achieve success immediately, but staying persistent and dedicated to our work will ensure it.


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We must admit that most of us lack the class and patience with which our grandparents handle specific affairs. While we find it easy to feel emotional or upset when something goes wrong, our grandparents remain steadfast.

Our grandparents have spent half their lives going through ups and downs, so they know the importance of patience. We learn to value our and others’ time and emotions by staying patient and can recognize its results thanks to them.

Realistic goals

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Talk to your grandparents about what they were like as young people. You might notice that your grandparents’ goals kept fluctuating as they grew up. This is because they learned to improve with the situation and adjusted their goals to ensure success.

Their experience teaches us the importance of setting realistic goals. We may not become millionaires by working consistently, but it’s entirely possible if we set a realistic goal like becoming financially stable.

Strong bonds

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The older we grow, the lonelier we feel. This is why our grandparents insist on frequent meetups and family reunions. While their intentions stem from the desire to stay close, they also give us a glimpse into the future.

It is best to amend broken ties with family and friends before we grow old and regret the distance. You can rebuild broken relationships or create new ones to ensure you won’t regret staying alone in the future.

Embracing change

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Most of us have witnessed society sticking to a typical or traditional mindset. But our grandparents experienced the unexpected; from sudden recessions to literal world wars, they embraced every role with courage.

Thankfully, we won’t have to endure such struggles today. However, our grandparents’ experiences teach us that staying in a situation that brings us pain will only worsen it. Our grandparents encourage us to seek happiness and change.

Planning ahead

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We’ve all had a grandparent ask about our future plans at least once. This may sound like an annoying question to us, but it shows us how organized our grandparents were. Their consistent planning contributed to a successful future.

While it is more challenging to predict the future, we can set a cohesive plan to ensure success. Developing a plan for the future allows us to stick to a desirable lifestyle and ensures we remain steadfast and consistent.

Saving regularly

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Most of our grandparents could pursue higher studies or establish careers because they effectively saved portions of their incomes. The current economic conditions have made it much more difficult for us.

However, our grandparents will still encourage us to set aside a short amount, even if it’s just a few bucks. This teaches us resilience and the spirit of staying motivated and enables us to save what we can to ensure a relaxing future.

Simple pleasures

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You might have noticed that the older you get, the more you appreciate straightforward gestures. This may look like a temporary transition, but our grandparents have long talked about enjoying the little things in life. Even a good dinner party can be amazing.

You don’t have to plan extraordinarily grand programs to enjoy life; take pleasure in simpler meetups and reunions, hang out with friends as much as possible, and try to pick up activities and hobbies that bring you joy.

Consistent principles

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As much as we love our grandparents, we must admit they can be pretty stubborn. This isn’t the result of decades’ worth of sitting through life but also knowing when to stick to your guns and stay resilient.

Our grandparents have taught us that sticking to basic principles (kindness, gratitude, morality) ensures success. Straying from our principles only causes us to feel confused and lost, so it’s best to remain consistent.

Sense of humor

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The house of a grandparent is always filled with laughter, and it’s because they encourage heaps of jokes and pranks. While we may find their quips and puns annoying, we must admit they positively impact our experience.

Learning to exercise humor even in the most challenging situations boosts mental health and ensures we stay on the sane path. Our grandparents have long mastered this art; it’s time we embrace their spirit, too.

Faith and spirituality

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How could we discuss valuable lessons from our grandparents and miss out on faith and spirituality? You don’t have to be a practicing religious to realize the importance of faith and spirituality.

Our grandparents taught us that keeping a firm resolve and knowing when to reconnect with yourself is an excellent way of staying successful and happy. People who visit connected with their spirituality are much more at ease than those who don’t.


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Lastly, our grandparents have experienced some of life’s worst tragedies. While they may not openly share their secrets, it is clear that they also experienced fallouts. This is why you’ll hear many stories of forgiveness.

Our grandparents know forgiving someone is the only way to move forward. While they may have dismissed past issues and family members over petty things, they teach us that the only way to stay happy is to remain free of all conflicts.

Eat Healthy

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Fueling your body with healthy, nutritious food is essential. If you only eat snacks and takeout, you will feel the effects, if not immediately, then over time. We need essential nutrients and vitamins that only healthy eating can provide. If you take care of your body and eat well throughout your entire life, you will be much better off for it.

And for crying out loud, please get those recipes from Grandma!

Get Outside

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Fresh air can cure anything! Whether you go outside for a walk or sit in the sunshine, you will feel instantly better. Being outside may also help you fight illness and stay healthy. Grandparents will tell you that fresh air is good for your mind, body, and soul. Make a point to go outside at least once a day.

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