It´s Time To Stop Fat Phobia and Fat Shaming

We like to think that the world is becoming more accepting and more inclusive for all the members of the community. However, we can always get better. While there are lots of laws and regulations that specifically protect people of certain genders and races, there are not many rules that protect people over a certain weight. This may be why fat shaming and fatphobia are still so common. It is something that needs to be recognized and stopped! Let’s talk about how we can immediately stop fast shaming and become more empathetic to people of all body types.

What is Fat Phobia?

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The simplest way to describe fatphobia is the fear of fatness. It is both the fear of people who are overweight and also the fear of gaining too much weight yourself. The term refers to discrimination and negative stereotypes aimed at people larger than the average person. People who are fatphobic may be outwardly mean or act in more subtle, unintentional ways.

What is Fat Shaming?

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Fat shaming is criticizing or harassing people simply because they are overweight. It often involves making overweight people feel ashamed of themselves and of their eating habits. Fat shaming can be performed by an individual or as a group. It is outwardly mean and based solely on a person’s outward appearance and weight.

Why do People Fat Shame

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Some people think that making overweight people ashamed of how they look will encourage them to become healthier. Other people fat shame because people who look different than they do make them uncomfortable. Still, others see excessive fat as being unattractive. No matter the reason behind the fat shaming, it is entirely wrong and immoral.

Effects of Fat Shaming

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Scientific studies have shown that fat shaming does not help overweight people become motivated to lose weight. In fact, it often has the opposite effect. It makes larger individuals feel bad about themselves, and it can lead to depression, overeating, and a higher risk of obesity. The bottom line is that fat shaming is never helpful.

Fat is Okay

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The first way we can stop fatphobia and fat shaming is to accept that being fat is okay. Some people are born with extra weight, while others may have health issues that make them carry around extra weight. Still others enjoy eating delicious food and love the body they are in, as they should!

Go Ahead and Say “Fat”

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Another thing everyone should accept is saying the word fat. It is not a slur, it is not a bad word and should never be used in a derogatory way. Make it acceptable to reference fat without a negative connotation. Let’s all scream it from the rooftops! Fat should not be feared!

Other’s Weight is Not Your Business

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Always remember that someone else’s weight is none of your business. Unless you are a medical professional who has been specifically asked for advice, keep your opinions about other people’s weight to yourself. Their body and their general size are not your concern, and they likely will not appreciate your comments or critiques.

Fat is Not Lazy

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Know that there are plenty of overweight people who exercise regularly and lead very healthy lives. Just because someone has some extra fat on their bones does not mean they are lazy. Just take a look at professional sumo wrestlers who exercise extensively on a daily basis! Weight does not equate to a sedentary lifestyle.

Work On Yourself

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When you are around people who are considered fat, how do you feel? Consider your personal feelings and how you act toward people who are overweight. Fat shaming should stop with you! If we all focus on becoming more accepting on our own, humanity as a whole will improve.

Don’t Share Unsolicited Weight Loss Advice

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Never give an overweight person unsolicited advice about dropping pounds. Approaching them with fad diets, MLM products, or exercise routines will come off as rude and insensitive. If they want your help, they will ask. Remember that their body is not yours to judge or control.

Promote Weight Equality at Work

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Push your employer to conduct first-round interviews over the phone or by resume and email alone. This will help keep a person’s physical appearance out of the hiring process. Until we all accept that fat can be beautiful, it can help equality in the workplace if people are first heard rather than seen. It will also help the best candidate get the position rather than jumping to conclusions about a person’s abilities based on looks alone.

Never Comment on Food

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You should never comment on what a person eats, whether they are a skinny binge eater or an overweight salad lover. People should be able to eat what they enjoy without being criticized. Order what you want to eat and let everyone else order what they love as well. Everyone has a different appetite, despite their size.

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