12 Lifestyle Changes That Can Boost Your Libido

A decreased libido can happen to anyone whether it’s a result of aging, depression, or low self-esteem. The truth is, it can have a major impact on your relationships. We’ve put together a list of 12 lifestyle changes to help boost your libido and get your sex life back on track.

Getting More Sleep

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Now, this may sound counterproductive, however, research has found that a woman’s libido could increase by up to 14% for every extra hour of sleep she gets. If you aren’t sleeping very well, then inevitably it’s going to affect your energy levels and make you feel drowsy, meaning the last thing on your mind is a roll around in the sack.

Drink Red Wine

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Believe it or not, wine – specifically red – could help boost your sexual desire. In fact, an Italian research group found that red wine increases your libido more than any other alcohol. Obviously, we’re not encouraging you to chug a bottle of red, but a couple of glasses won’t hurt, right?

Work Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

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Working your pelvic floor muscles (AKA kegels) sounds like a fad straight out of Beverly Hills, however, strengthening these muscles is super easy and requires no equipment. It’s also thought to help with incontinence and gas, as well as actually making sex feel more pleasurable.

Watching Other People Work Out

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Some people think that watching other people get hot and sweaty during exercise can help get you in the mood. Disclaimer: This doesn’t mean going to a gym and being creepy in the corner. Don’t do that! However, being around other people when you’re exercising may actually help!

Take Supplements

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There are plenty of supplements available on the market that are made solely to increase your sex drive. There are also a lot of foods that are considered aphrodisiacs that you could perhaps try. Always seek the advice of a medical professional if you’re considering taking supplements.

Eat Dark Chocolate

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Chocolate is good. Period. But did you know that there are benefits other than simply tasting delicious? Eating this sweet treat releases happy hormones known as serotonin, that will boost your overall mood. Dark chocolate also contains antioxidants and caffeine which have been known to stimulate your sex drive.

Reduce Stress

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Stress happens to the best of us, whether it’s deadlines for work or money issues. How we react to these stressful situations also plays a part in our everyday lives, including our sex drive. Reducing your stress and learning to manage it can actually help to improve your sex life.

Exercise More

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Exercising has many benefits, and not just for your overall health. Studies show that 20 minutes of exercise can help to boost your libido by a whopping 169%. Sexy time can also help to reduce stress, as well as help increase your stamina.

Consider Your Habits

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You could be doing things in your everyday life that you don’t even realize are having an impact on your libido. For instance, not masturbating enough… or maybe doing it too much. Have you also ever considered the amount of alcohol you drink? Alcohol can have a big impact on our sexual desire, often lowering our performance and overall enjoyment.

Talk To Your Partner

If your lack of sex drive is going to be affecting anyone (other than yourself), then it’s your partner. It’s important that you don’t leave them in the dark as they could begin to feel that you are no longer attracted to them. Have an open and honest discussion with them about it to help put their mind at rest.

Talk To Someone

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Additionally, there are also therapists who specialize in sex and relationship counseling. If you don’t feel ready to talk about your lack of libido with your partner, then seek out help from a professional. They will provide a space for you to speak freely about your issues and hopefully offer you guidance along the way.

Spice Things Up

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While trying to spice things up in your sex life is the exact opposite of what you’re capable of right now, is the reason that you’ve become a little complacent with what you have? Talk to your partner, introduce some flirty games, re-enact your first date, GET CREATIVE!

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