Most Dangerous Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

All countries have certain areas vastly known for their high levels of crime. Unfortunately, however, there are some places in the world where high crime rates and violence tend to be the norm rather than the exception. Here are the 12 most dangerous destinations for solo female travelers in 2024. 


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The situation in Afghanistan for women remains critical. Girls here are prohibited from getting an education by law and lack the most basic rights. The Taliban authorities asked women to cover up their bodies entirely and banned them from certain public spaces. According to data from the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, over 12 million women living in this country are now in need of humanitarian assistance. 

South Sudan

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South Sudan remains to this day one of the most dangerous countries in the world, with sexual violence now starting to be used as a weapon of war, putting women even more at risk.  


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Libya is considered one of the most dangerous countries in Africa. With an internationally recognized government based in Tripoli and a separately administered region in the east, political instability in this country is incredibly high. On top of this, women in Libya lack basic rights. For instance, women are now requested to complete a detailed form stating the reasons for their trips whenever traveling without a male escort. 


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Yemen is now experiencing a war between a Saudi and UAE-led coalition and Houthi armed groups. Plenty of civilians are now in urgent need of food while humanitarian aid is being blocked. 


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The situation in Haiti is getting worse and worse with local gangs constantly kidnapping and killing civilians. Thousands of people have already died because of these conflicts and the numbers keep increasing.

Israel and Palestine

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Since the Re’im music festival massacre that took place on October 7th, 2023, these territories have been continuously at war. With death tolls rising every day, this is now one of the most dangerous places in the world.   


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Despite the famous Mahsa Amini protests, which started after the death of a 22-year-old Iranian woman who was in police custody, Iran still remains largely unsafe for women. The simple fact that all females here are required to wear the hijab by law says a lot about the condition of young girls and adult women in the country. 


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Unfortunately, the situation in Congo remains highly unstable, meaning that trips to this country should be avoided when possible. The country is now experiencing a conflict between the Congolese armed forces and the M23 rebel group which has caused dozens of people to die since the beginning of the year. Thousands of civilians were also forced to flee their homes, with estimations showing that over 1 million women have been already raped.

Ukraine and Russia

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Since the beginning of the war in February 2022, both Russia and Ukraine have become the setting of a violent war mainly concentrating on Ukrainian territories. Despite this, trips to all areas of both countries are highly advised against due to the current conflicts. 


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Despite the beautiful tourist sites found here, women should avoid this country for their safety. Attacks by both the state security forces and terrorist groups are unfortunately frequent with reports of foreign soldiers raping local women during counterterrorism operations.


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Unfortunately, conflicts continue in Myanmar between the Arakan Army and forces loyal to the ruling junta. The regular use of weapons is posing a risk to all civilians. 

Central African Republic

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This African country has experienced continuous instability since its independence from France in 1960. Women here have a life expectancy of only 57 years and brutal practices such as forced marriages and female genital mutilation still persist to this day.

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