14 Things People Should Start Giving Women Instead of Flowers

Whether it’s Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, or just another formal recurrence, we’ve all got used to giving women flowers. While there’s nothing wrong with this practice, let’s be honest with ourselves. Most women would rather see men and society help them in the fight for equality. Only by increasing awareness surrounding this topic can we change the world we are living in. Here are 14 things women would rather receive than chocolate and flowers.

Reproductive Rights

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“My body, my choice!”

This is the very simple slogan of women everywhere. We do not want men telling us what to do with our bodies, especially when it comes to reproduction. If you want to get the woman in your life a real gift, get out there and advocate, donate, and push for women’s reproductive rights. 

Since the fall of Roe v. Wade, women have become increasingly hesitant to be around men in any capacity. If you think that the end of abortions won’t affect America’s dating scene, you are absolutely wrong.

Sharing Household Responsibilities

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Rather than buying a woman flowers, try just cleaning the house instead. Women are often the primary household caretakers, and it can be exhausting. In fact, women get an average of seven additional hours of housework the moment they marry. It gets even worse when kids are added to the mix.

What we really want is someone who shares the housework and helps on a day-to-day basis. Please, don’t let your wife be a “married single mom!”

Work Place Equality

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Believe it or not, women don’t always want men to foot the bill. Sometimes, they just want to be able to pay the bills themselves. According to Forbes, women still make about 16% less than men on average.

All women want to change this, if only because it helps them contribute to the family bills. Women should be paid equally for equal work. Every woman in the world will likely agree with this. 

Ending Domestic Abuse

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Love shouldn’t hurt. It shouldn’t involve living in fear of the person who you married or said “I love you” to. This is a universal statement regardless of gender. Sadly, domestic violence tends to affect women worse than it does men.

Whether it is physical abuse, verbal abuse, or emotional abuse, it has got to end. About 1.3 million women are physically assaulted by their partners each year. This is an outrageous statistic that needs to be eradicated. What women really want is to feel safe and loved and never have to worry about abuse. 

End of Gender Bias

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Can you imagine having your professional opinion disregarded simply because of your gender? It’s an issue that women often face in the workplace. In fact, it’s not just a work thing. It also happens in doctor offices, criminal courts, and civil courts, too.

Women would like to stop being judged just for being a woman. There are so many stigmas that come with gender, especially when it comes to women. These gender biases need to stop! Every woman is different and capable of different things. Gender does not matter.


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Women want to feel safe in their own homes. They also want to feel secure when they walk their dogs or go for a jog. Whether this is gained by living in a nicer neighborhood or living with a partner who protects them, safety and security are essential for every woman worldwide.

When women feel safe, they will be less stressed and happier. Everyone deserves to be able to relax and feel as though they are out of harm’s way. 

Career Balance

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Navigating a career and motherhood can be a woman’s biggest challenge. While women are traditionally expected to stay at home and be moms, in this modern world, they are also expected to have booming full-time careers.

Women want work-life balance, and this will only come when society’s expectations and laws change. If only daycare were a work benefit.

Self Care

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So many women want more time to devote to self-care. They must take care of themselves both mentally and physically. It is important to be able to go to a spa, visit a therapist, or just go out with friends. Self-care comes in many different forms, and it is something women both want and need.

Admittedly, self-care is one of those things that women often have to make time for on their own accord. It would just be nice to see men offer to pick up the slack while women do their own thing.

More Economic Opportunity

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Many top jobs are held by men, and many aren’t accessible to women for various reasons. It’s not unusual to hear of women who aspired to join male-majority industries back out after repeated harassment, insults, and toxic workplace conditions.

Women want to get to the top and succeed in their careers and now need the opportunity to do so. 

Better Healthcare

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Women deserve proper healthcare regardless of age, race, or economic standing. Many impoverished women do not have access to proper health care starting at a young age. Healthcare reform, especially when it comes to women, needs to happen right away! 

Moreover, it’s important to note that women’s concerns are more frequently ignored than men’s. This leads to higher mortality rates for women than men. This isn’t just a “nice thing” to have. Proper healthcare can save a woman’s life.

More Time

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Ask any woman out there what they want, and some will surely say more time. While we know it is impossible to actually have more physical hours in the day, helping women get more free time in their schedule would be incredible.

Ask the women in your life how you can help them get more spare time to do what makes them happy. They will love you for it.

Better Representation

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While things are slowly changing in first-world countries, women are still highly underrepresented in politics. For instance, no woman has ever served as the US President. This is highly problematic, as by only electing male politicians, most of the struggles women face will continue to go unnoticed. This means that women will continue to struggle with the same issues over and over again.

End Of Forced Marriage

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Unfortunately, plenty of women around the world are still being forced to marry people they don’t love. This is even worse when these women are under the age of eighteen, a practice still incredibly common in many countries in the world. Unfortunately, women going through this often don’t receive a proper education while also being more likely to become victims of domestic abuse.

End Of Body Shaming

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So many women are now struggling with body shaming. Society always has a good reason to judge you regardless of your body type. Nobody seems to fit today’s strict beauty standards, whether you’re too skinny, curvy, or not toned enough. Photoshop, plastic surgery, and social media made the situation even worse by promoting fake bodies, which are unachievable for most.

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