12 Signs You’re Being Future Faked

The dating scene has that insane way of coming up with a new term for a relationship issue every other week, doesn’t it? In recent years, the term “future faking” has become increasingly common. 

Not sure what the term means? Future faking is a term for actions done by men who pretend they want to marry women. In reality, they don’t want to commit to their girlfriends. They just don’t want their girlfriends to leave. The commitment was never a real possibility. 

Before you continue with your relationship, take a look at this list. If these signs ring true, he’s not going to propose.

The moment you two got comfortable, all talk of marriage or future plans dropped

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This is the most obvious sign that you probably were future faked. If he kept talking about all the things he’d do but then stayed quiet after you two got together, he’s likely to be future faking.

If he seems uncomfortable whenever marriage (or any future plans) get mentioned, it’s probably because he’s trying to scuttle the issue.

He’s trying to push for a baby or moving in but won’t propose

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Future fakers tend to want to get as much out of a relationship as possible without committing to a woman fully. If he’s hard up for money, he may push to move in quickly. If he’s a guy who wants a kid, he may push for a baby. Either way, it’s a bad look.

If you tell a future faker that you want marriage prior to a move or a kid, they will often make it seem like it’s unreasonable or try to say they’ll do it “later.”

You feel like you have to jump through hoops for commitment

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The goal of future faking is to manipulate women into bending over backward for men. Men do this by dangling commitment in front of women as if it’s a prize. 

Women who have been future faked tend to feel like they have to dance and say “PICK ME!” for a guy to commit. FYI, you will never feel this way in a healthy relationship. 

When the marriage topic comes up, he kicks the can down the road

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Here’s a scenario you might have experienced…

When you first start dating a future faker, he talks about all the amazing plans he has for your future together. You go all in to be with him. After many years or so, you start to notice that there’s no sign of a ring. 

Every time you mention the marriage talk, he hems and haws and then tells you, “Later.” You keep pressing it, and he keeps dodging the question. Does this sound familiar? If it does, you’ve been future faked.

He doesn’t apologize or take accountability

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Does he apologize when you try to confront your partner about broken promises? Does he simply not take accountability or try to explain that it’s somehow your fault?

While this is not the most surefire sign of future faking, it does tend to hint at a major problem. Guys who do this are not emotionally available men, meaning they are more likely to be future-fake than others. 

It’s clear he wants to keep you separated from the rest of his life

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A man who wants to commit will be thrilled to flaunt you to his friends. A future faker, on the other hand, won’t want to do that. After all, future fakers are trying to keep their options open. 

Future fakers probably won’t introduce you to their family members or friends. They also won’t take you to events as a date. You’re their dirty little secret. 

He’s trying to rush you into doing things financially or physically

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Men who have nefarious reasons for dating will future fake to get what they want. Any time a man seems to poke around for financial favors, gifts, or physical intimacy you’re uncomfortable with is a time you should worry. 

Does he insist he’ll marry you after you buy a house with him? If so, you’re probably being future-faked. 

You’re beginning to question if your desire for commitment is unreasonable

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Future faking has a strange way of warping your views on commitments and relationships. You start to think that it’s unreasonable to ask a man to commit to you, keep promises, and plan a future. 

Men who do this often try to convince women that marriage (or even “that romantic getaway”) is just too much to do. 

You get the nagging feeling that he’s trying to keep his options open

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One of the most common reasons for a man to future fake deals with settling. Men who future fake tend to believe they can do better than the woman they’re with right then and there. 

The reason why he’s not committing is because he doesn’t want to settle. He wants someone else. However, he’s too comfortable in the relationship to do the right thing and stay single. So, he’ll keep you around until you either leave or he finds someone better.

He’s backpedaled on commitment before

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A future-faking man will often temporarily promise commitment, only to pull back right when you believe you’ve “earned” that label. 

If he’s backpedaled on commitment before, that’s a bad indicator. He’s trying to manipulate you into staying with him. Don’t believe him when he says, “I was just about to buy the ring! Look!”

You genuinely get the feeling that he doesn’t want to marry you

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Sometimes, the best indicators come from within. Think about how he reacted to getting engaged and how he behaves about commitment. Does it feel forced or insincere?

Do you get that sinking feeling that he doesn’t want to commit or follow through on those plans? If you feel like he’s not thrilled about it, chances are he isn’t. Listen to your gut.

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