Red Flags! You’re In A Toxic Relationship And Need To Let Go

When we love someone, we can often overlook behaviors that aren’t necessarily good for us or our emotional well-being. We’ve put together a list of 12 key indicators that you’re in a toxic relationship, to help you realize that perhaps this person isn’t the one for you. 

There’s An Obvious Power Dynamic

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This involves one person in the relationship exerting control or manipulation over the other, often leaving the other person feeling weak or helpless. If you feel that there’s an obvious power dynamic, then it could be a sign you’re in a toxic relationship. You and your partner should be equals.

They Make You Feel Bad About Yourself

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No good partner should make you question your self-worth or undermine you or your feelings. If they are constantly putting you down, then you will start to believe that they are right. Your partner should not make you feel insecure or lower your self-esteem.

You’re Always At Fault

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Do you always feel guilty, even though you know you’ve done nothing wrong? A toxic partner will constantly shift blame and deflect responsibility onto you to make you feel bad. If they blame you for everything and make you feel at fault, then you can’t possibly be happy within your relationship.

Your Family And Friends Express Concern

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When your loved ones recognize problems, you know something is seriously wrong. They know you better than anyone and care about you, so listen to them. Your family and friends will no doubt have your best interests at heart, and they will be able to see when something isn’t quite right.

You Don’t Feel Good When You’re Around Them

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If you find yourself constantly on edge when you’re with them, then don’t ignore this feeling. It’s there for a reason. Your partner should be your peace, and the person you feel most comfortable around. They are not supposed to make you feel uncomfortable, or even worse, unsafe.

You Constantly Feel Insecure

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In a good relationship, you’re supposed to lift each other up and complement one another. No one should make you feel bad about yourself or drag you down. If they tear you apart with comments about your looks or personality, then they don’t deserve to be with you.

You’re Waiting For Things To Get Better

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If you know things aren’t right currently, then what makes you think it’s ever going to improve? You could be wasting your time and energy on the wrong person. Quit making excuses or waiting around for someone to change.

You Don’t Feel Optimistic About The Future

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When you envision the future, how does it make you feel? Do you daydream about a different life or does the thought of a future with this person fill you with dread? If you answer yes to both, it’s probably time to let go. A good partner will have you looking forward to a future with them.

You Make Excuses For Their Bad Behavior

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If your partner says something out of line or shows you up in front of others, it’s not on you to justify their behavior or protect them. The same goes for their behavior with you. You don’t need to make excuses for them because they shouldn’t be acting in a way that makes you feel like you have to.

Your Partner Is Overly Competitive With You

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If your partner belittles you and your achievements or is constantly trying to one-up you, then they are trying to assert dominance over you and control within the relationship. If they are competitive with you in literally everything, then this becomes exhausting and emotionally draining.

Your Partner Expresses A Lot Of Jealousy

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If your partner expresses a lot of jealousy, whether it’s over you spending time with your friends or constantly looking over your shoulder to see who you’re texting, then they are showing that they do not trust you. Jealousy can manifest itself in a number of ways and can cause a lot of issues, even if you’re doing nothing wrong.

Your Partner Is Abusive

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If your partner is physically, mentally, or emotionally abusive – then you need to know that you deserve better. There is someone out there who will love you unconditionally and treat you right. Open up to someone that you trust or reach out to domestic abuse helplines if you feel safe to do so.

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