14 Things Women Excel At Compared To Men

What makes women unique? Is it our enhanced empathy, our high levels of emotional intelligence, or our multi-tasking skills? Men may be better at most jobs requiring physical strength and endurance, but this doesn’t mean women don’t have their own unique set of skills.

Learning which aspects of life you can excel in can help you focus on these abilities and master them. Here are 14 things women tend to do better than men.

Being Astronauts

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Recent studies conclude women are far better suited for long-term space hauls. This might be because their stature and body mass are lighter than men, slowing the loss of their muscle mass and helping them preserve strength.

You might even say that women’s bodies are out of this world!

Perceiving Color

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Women are inherently better at perceiving colors and hues than men. It is believed that women’s ability to see color better may stem from genetic structures, so they may see shades of a color (scarlet, burgundy, crimson) instead of a singular (red).

Imagine going to a hardware store for a coat of paint. Is that paint swatch coral, or is it a salmon shade? If you require a second opinion, it’s clear that you might want to ask a woman.

Good Listeners

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Does it ever feel like women are better at listening to you and offering you feedback? Well, it might be a little bit more literal than you think.

Like that? According to a study, women are naturally better listeners than men. They have better hearing, are more aware of hearing troubles, and navigate them better, so they’re less likely to experience hearing loss.

Supporting Others

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It’s no secret that women are extremely supportive as a whole. They are known for having amazingly supportive, uplifting friendships, not to mention being nurturing parents. Women are likely to be your best bet if you need moral support. But we all knew that, right?

That support extends beyond their besties. Women are more confident when approaching other women and even extend support to strangers. Women often share accessories and toiletries with strangers and may even help mothers handle bathroom trips with toddlers in tow.

Interpersonal Relationships

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This is another no-brainer. Women have large social circles composed of smaller, overlapping circles. This means they have layers to friendships, allowing them to learn sensitive and intimate things in much less time than their male counterparts.

Unsurprisingly, some studies have also backed this. Men are far more likely to be lonely and say they have no friends than women are. However, this is often a “nature versus nurture” issue.

Attention To Detail

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Did your mom always double-check everything she did? She’s not alone. Women have stronger peripheral vision, allowing them to notice movements and things from a wider angle than men.

This encourages their attention to detail, permitting them to observe minute changes that others wouldn’t. Moreover, women are typically socialized to be the more careful and detail-oriented of the two main genders. So, it’s a double whammy of advantage.

Medical Professionalism

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A Canadian study suggests women have better patient outcomes after surgeries. They also have lower rates of misdiagnosis and surgical errors. Female doctors are also preferred because of their healthier bedside manners with patients.

If you are worried about getting quality care, it might be time to ask for a female doctor. This is doubly true if you’re worried about having your pain downplayed.


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Guys might make it seem like gun ownership is a “man’s thing,” but don’t be fooled. Girls can own guns, too. In fact, rumors swirl that they might be even better at shooting than men.

Some shooting instructors happily allude to women’s ability to shoot sharper and straighter than men. Although a woman’s ability to shoot and aim at a target might still be under study, most women can shoot better without much training.

Motor Skills

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Remember how we mentioned that women might be better doctors? There might be some physical reasons for this, alongside your typical socialized reasons.

Women have better motor skills, so they can navigate delicate tasks that require adeptness and precision much better than men. This helps them handle delicate tasks like sewing, writing, and surgical movements.


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If you’re like most Americans, you’ve heard of how “bad women drivers are.” We joke about women’s driving, but they’re far better behind the wheel than men. Women tend to be safer drivers and less likely to get into significant altercations. They also have faster reaction times and regain control better.

Unsurprisingly, insurance companies noticed this, which is why women tend to have lower car insurance rates.

Managing Pain

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It’s no secret that women have to deal with a lot of pain. Whether it’s a visit from Aunt Flo or actual childbirth doesn’t matter. Women deal with pain so much that you might even say we’re pros at it.

Although some studies suggest that men may be better at handling pain, others conclude that women perceive more intense and severe pain than men. This means they can withhold pain for more extended and frequent intervals than men.


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Women are increasingly showing that they’re better at studying. It may be because they’re typically encouraged to excel at studies, but even women who don’t particularly study too much may outperform men and achieve better grades.

The female-male grade disparity is so noticeable that the New York Times actually wrote about how women outpace men in college.


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We’ve all heard the stereotype that women are better at multitasking than men. But have you ever wondered whether this is the case? A study published by BMC Psychology found that women tend to outperform men when it comes to this skill. Despite this, it’s important to notice that multitasking may not always lead to better productivity, so it’s up to you whether it’s something you want to use in your daily life.

Living Longer

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Women are also renowned for living longer than men. This may be due to several factors, such as their tendency to eat healthier and pay more attention to their health. That said, the sex gap in life expectancy is not constant across countries and generations, meaning that there are certainly other societal factors playing at play.

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