14 Ways In Which Gen Z Is Better Than Older Generations

We often hear that people belonging to Gen Z should be blamed for everything going wrong in the world. This is not new, as almost all generations tend to look at the new entries with a skeptical attitude. But is this the case?

Depicted as lazy, internet-addicted, and without the ability to focus, people belonging to this generation are rarely described in positive terms. The truth, however, is that Gen Z has so much to teach previous generations. Here are 14 things Gen Z nails compared to older generations.

Environmental Awareness

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Gen Z adults are more environmentally conscious because of rising climate issues. They are more aware of climate change and the effects of plastic and fuel consumption and have a more sustainable approach to life.

It’s not uncommon to see Gen Z choose camping over a trip to the city. Gen Z is also more likely to work for eco-friendly companies, buy eco-friendly materials, and donate to climate change organizations.

Mental Health Advocacy

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Gen Z is actively creating awareness about mental health and destigmatizing generational hesitancy to approach such issues. Gen Z is more open to discussing mental health issues, providing and seeking health care, and spreading awareness.

In past generations, the phrase “boys don’t cry” was a rule rather than just a song lyric. Gen Z openly embraces the freedom to express one’s feelings.

Compassion And Love

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Gen Z adults are more expressive with love and parental compassion than older generations. Their openness stems from destigmatizing feelings of awkwardness when expressing love.

While Gen Z might have a harder time navigating the dating scene, the truth is that this generation is far more open to a healthy relationship than others before it. Compassion and empathy are the names of the game here!

Handling Toxicity

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Current generations are much more adept at recognizing signs of toxicity in professional and personal environments. Gen Z is also more open to calling out toxic actions and patterns.

Unlike other generations, Gen Z doesn’t allow for excuses for bad behavior. If they notice someone toxic in their lives, they will often cut and bail.


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Gen Z prioritizes inclusivity and acceptance, making it more open to varying identity, expression, orientation, and lifestyle concepts. Gen Z adults openly welcome people of all cultures and preferences, while older generations may struggle to do the same.

It’s not surprising, really. Gen Z is the most diverse generation in American history! Being prejudiced just doesn’t make sense for them.

Work-Life Balance

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Gone are the days of the Millennial #BossBabe movement and the old-school “grind” movement. Gen Z witnessed the past generations burn out. They’re not willing to waste their entire lives at work nor will they tolerate bad employers.

Gen Z prioritizes mental and physical health, emphasizing a healthy work-life balance and discouraging needless overtime and extracurricular activities. Most Gen Z adults embrace flexible schedules that reduce workload and boost creativity.

Creative Expression

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Gen Z grew up with innovative technology, so it’s more adept at navigating digital expression. Gen Z adults are more creative than others because they have diverse platforms like social media that encourage creative expression.

Whether it’s painting stones on the beach, doing moss graffiti, or coming up with a new way to express themselves, Gen Z is highly adept at creative pursuits.

Global Connectivity

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Yet another perk of growing up as a Gen is connecting locally and globally. Gen Z’s online activities often extend to social, political, and environmental engagement, allowing them to stay up-to-date with recent trends.

A good example of this is the new Gen Z movement, which is geared toward learning about global cuisines. Boba teas, curry, and designer ramen bowls? Oh, Gen Z loves it all!

Eco-Friendly Transport

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You might have seen a growing trend in embracing eco-friendly transport options like e-bikes and electric cars. We can thank Gen Z for such eco-friendly options because the group prioritizes environmental and physical health over traditional methods.

To Gen Z, biking is not just a way to stay in shape. Many Gen Z young adults try to forgo cars in favor of bikes and public transit.


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Gen Z is more likely to take charge of situations, they have a confidence that might stem from recognizing unhealthy patterns and the need for a healthy environment. Gen Z adults are more confident in the workplace and stand up for themselves.

This doesn’t come as a surprise to their parents. Positive self-talk and self-esteem exercises are frequently recommended by both school counselors and parents alike these days.


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Life as a Gen Z isn’t that easy, so most of the group takes a realistic and hands-on approach to life. Most Gen Z adults have a realistic life plan with multiple backups in case of unexpected situations.

It’s not uncommon to hear Gen Z adults make “gallows humor” jokes about the grim situations they’re in. Believe it or not, this is actually a healthy coping mechanism that can help them think of valid solutions.


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Gen Z tends to switch roles often to accumulate skills and increase financial growth. Most Gen Z adults will switch jobs when they sense professional stagnancy, while older generations may seek out long-term professional positions.

It’s also not uncommon to hear of them switching industries at the drop of a hat. Gen Z, if nothing else, is a generation of adaptability.

Emotional Maturity

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While previous generations tend to hide their emotions, Gen Z is all about showing your true feelings. People born in this period no longer believe the old lie that ‘Men don’t cry’ and advocate for a future in which everyone feels comfortable sharing emotions without being judged.


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Let’s be honest: Gen Z is also way better with technology. While some people in this generation may have developed an addiction to the internet, it must be said that these individuals also know how to deal with information found online better than other generations. Gen Z tends to spot fake news easily, especially compared to mature people who may have difficulty distinguishing which online sources to trust.

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