12 Things In Your Home That A Professional Organizer Would Throw Out

Decluttering your home can feel overwhelming, but it makes a world of difference. This simple act can transform your living space into a more functional and serene environment, leaving it feeling much more open and spacious. So, let’s explore 12 things a professional organizer would throw out in your house.

Expired Cosmetics

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Old makeup and skincare products not only take up space but can also pose health risks. Cosmetics have a shelf life, typically ranging from a few months to a few years. Using expired products can cause skin irritation and infections, so it’s best to declutter your collection regularly.

Broken Electronics

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Holding onto old electronics like VHS players, floppy disks, or ancient cell phones clutters your space. Modern technology has replaced these items, so donate or recycle them to free up space and reduce e-waste. You can even safely dispose of random old cords and used batteries. This will help declutter a lot of storage and drawer space.

Lost Socks And Gloves

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If you have socks or gloves without their pairs, it’s time to let them go. These items often accumulate and create unnecessary clutter. Consider donating single shoes to organizations that support amputees if they are still in good condition. More often than not, we never find that missing opposite. It’s okay to pair socks that don’t match but also to toss the ones that simply won’t pair with anything else.

Broken Cleaning Tools

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Broken or inefficient cleaning tools should be tossed. Items like cracked dustpans, broken brooms, or leaky buckets make cleaning harder and should be replaced with functional alternatives. ​Remember that replacing broken items is not an over-the-top idea, especially when they’re needed in the home.

Expired Medication

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Often, we hold on to expired medication because we don’t know what to do with it. If you aren’t sure how to properly dispose of it, you can surrender it to your local fire department or police station, and they will follow the proper disposal protocol. Once your medication has expired, it’s best not to risk taking it anymore; it just takes up cabinet or counter space.

Outdated Or Broken Appliances

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Old appliances that no longer work or are rarely used take up valuable space. Properly dispose of these items to create a more organized and functional home. We often hold onto them, hoping to repair them, but they usually collect dust. ​Do your home a favor and toss them out or donate them.

Projects You no longer have an interest in

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Half-completed DIY projects can be a huge source of clutter and stress. They take up physical space and constantly remind you of unfinished tasks, especially if you’re not passionate about completing them and want to move on. To address this, take inventory of all your DIY projects and evaluate which ones you genuinely want to complete.

Extra Vases

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It’s easy to accumulate an assortment of vases over the years, especially if you receive a lot of flowers. However, keeping too many can lead to unnecessary clutter in your cabinets or storage spaces. Keep only a few versatile and aesthetically pleasing vases that you actually use and enjoy.

Clutter of random Kitchenware

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Kitchen cabinets can become a chaotic mess when filled with a mismatched clutter of kitchenware. This makes it difficult to find what you need and detracts from the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. Sort your kitchenware and set aside items that are chipped, stained, or no longer part of a set.

Old Sporting Goods

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Sporting equipment for activities you no longer participate in can take up a lot of space in your home. If you have items still in good condition (such as old tennis rackets, golf clubs, or soccer gear) that you no longer use, you can donate them to schools, youth clubs, or secondhand sports stores.

Broken Holiday Decorations

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Holiday decorations hold sentimental value, but it’s important to discard broken or unused items that hold no deeper sentimental value for you and take up valuable storage space. Start by sorting through your holiday decor and discarding anything that is damaged beyond repair (broken ornaments, frayed lights, or chipped figurines).

Dead Plants

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Plants with some brown leaves here and there (or that aren’t as perky as they are closer to water day) aren’t a big deal to keep around, especially if they can be nursed back to optimal health. But plants that desperately need a soil change or are rotting, diseased, infected, or decayed beyond repair can look like an eyesore and detract from the freshness of your space.

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