12 things that are blocking your chakras

Chakras are the energy centers within our bodies that play a crucial role in physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. When they’re blocked or imbalanced it can lead to a variety of energetic issues. Understanding potential blockages can help you promote their full potential and allow harmony & vitality. Here are 12 potential blocks to look out for:

negative emotions

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Negative emotions like fear, anger, and resentment can impact how the energy flows through our chakras. When we hold onto these emotions blockages are created in the natural balance and harmony of our energy centers. The heart chakra is most affected by this. Addressing and releasing negative emotions is essential for unblocking chakras and restoring an optimal energy flow throughout the body.

unresolved trauma

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Emotional wounds from past experiences can linger and manifest as energetic imbalances that affect our well-being. The heart chakra is most affected by this. Healing unresolved trauma is important for unblocking chakras, preventing disruptions within our energy centers, and maintaining a healthy mental and emotional state in general.

unhealthy habits

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Things like poor diet, lack of exercise, and excessive substance use can create blocks in our chakras. These habits lead to physical and emotional imbalances that disrupt the solar plexus chakra. Adopting healthier lifestyle choices is essential for keeping the chakras flowing properly and promoting overall well-being.

negative thought patterns

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Negative thought patterns like self-criticism, doubt, and worry can create energetic blockages in our chakras, affecting the crown chakra the most. This cycle of negativity fogs your energy’s ability to flow properly. Cultivating positive thinking, self-compassion, and mindfulness is essential for healthy, balanced energy.

physical inactivity

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Physical inactivity can block the chakras by stagnating the energy within our bodies, affecting the root chakra. Lack of movement and exercise can result in energy imbalances and contribute to feelings of lethargy and stagnation. Incorporating physical activity and movement practices is vital for chakra health and proper movement of energy.

excessive materialism

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There’s nothing wrong with wanting and buying material possessions and finding joy in them. The issue arises when you start correlating your material possessions to your value/worth. Too much focus on external objects and wealth can create energetic imbalances, feelings of emptiness, and disconnection that affect the root chakra.

obsessive behavior

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Obsessive energy, focus, and attention in one area intensely create a cluster and blockage of energy that can affect all chakras equally depending on the subject of your obsession. Finding balance, practicing moderation, and cultivating mindfulness are essential for unblocking chakras and promoting harmony throughout your energy centers.

suppressing thoughts, emotions, and feelings

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When you suppress your feelings, you create blocks and stagnant energy in your heart chakra. Suppressing your thoughts will create imbalances in your crown and throat chakras, and suppressing emotions will affect your heart and solar plexus chakras. Embracing emotional expression, practicing self-compassion, and seeking healthy outlets for processing emotions is essential for maintaining balance.

unresolved grief

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Unresolved grief will build up in the heart chakra and possibly the throat chakra, depending on how you express these feelings. You must learn how to feel, process, and move through the energy associated with the unresolved trauma, or it will linger, fester, and create deeper issues within your energy centers.

fear of change

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The root chakra is most affected by fear of change and unwillingness to move or act because of it. Fear causes confusion, stagnation, and a frozen state of being that prevents energy from flowing through the root chakra. Overcoming the fear of change involves cultivating courage, openness, and a willingness to adapt, allowing the energy to open and flow.

judgemental attitude

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A judgmental attitude can block our chakras by creating negativity and disharmony in the energy centers, specifically the sacral chakra. Constant criticism and judgment toward ourselves and others create energetic blockages that disrupt positive energy from flowing freely and may eventually block energetic blessings.

people pleasing

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People pleasing steals energy from your solar plexus chakra and diminishes your willpower. This creates imbalanced energy and can steal light, confidence, and assertive energy. Clear out these kinks in your chakras by setting healthy boundaries with others, and be sure you put yourself first when necessary for healthy, balanced chakras.

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