14 Surprising Reasons Why Your Skin Is Not Improving No Matter How Expensive Products You Are Using

Fixing damaged skin is not easy. However, if you’ve been trying for weeks to make your skin look healthier but still don’t see any results, you’re probably doing something wrong. Taking care of your skin not only improves your general look and has positive repercussions on your self-confidence, but it is also important for your physical health. So, what can you do to improve your situation? Here are 14 reasons why your skin products aren’t working.

Note: The content of this article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice. Always consult with a qualified professional for advice tailored to your individual circumstances.

You Aren’t Using The Products For Your Skin Type

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Knowing your skin type is vital for choosing appropriate skincare products. Dry, oily, combination, and sensitive skin types all require different care. Products that are made for other skin types may cause irritation or fail to produce desired outcomes. Familiarize yourself with your skin type to provide it with proper care.

You Aren’t Taking Care Of Your Skin Consistently

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Consistency is crucial in skincare. Irregular product use and skincare can hinder the visibility of results. Adhering to a daily regimen and allowing time for your products to take effect is vital, as skin cell renewal and the manifestation of results can take several weeks. Similar to other aspects of life, achieving outcomes requires commitment.

You Could Be Using Too Many Products

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Less is typically more when it comes to your skin. Applying too many products on your face at once can irritate your skin and diminish their effects. Focus on a simple routine that is personalized to your skin’s needs, and avoid applying too much at once. Overdoing your routine might clog your pores with too many layers of product, causing breakouts.

You Haven’t Learned The Correct Order Of Application

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If you want to see results, you should pay attention to putting your skincare products in the correct order. Applying them in the wrong sequence can affect the absorption process and effectiveness of the products. Generally, start with the lightest products and finish with heavier ones like moisturizers. A rule of thumb I was taught was to apply products in order from thinnest to thickest.

You Aren’t Giving The Products Time To Work

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We should all learn to be more patient in life; the same can be said about your skincare routine. Considering the timeframe of cellular turnover that we learned about earlier, give your products at least 2-3 weeks, but sometimes months, to target the specific issues you want to work with before you give up on them. The changes you want to see won’t always be immediate, but that doesn’t mean the product is a dud.

Your Skin Is Suffering From An Unhealthy Lifestyle

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Lifestyle factors (Like food, stress levels, and your sleep cycle) are all significant factors in the health of your skin and can influence the efficacy of your skincare products. If you’re having issues with your skincare and not seeing results, consider your lifestyle and how it may play a role. Limit the processed food and sugar in your diet, and consistently use sunscreen and moisturizers.

You Aren’t Thoroughly Removing Your Makeup

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If you sleep in your makeup or fail to remove it all and clean your face thoroughly before you go to bed, you’re leaving dirt and products on your face that can clog pores and restrict your skin’s ability to breathe at night. Try to properly remove all unwanted products and dirt from your face to give it a chance to regenerate while you sleep. Try to use the double cleanse method of facial wipes followed by a gentle cleanser.

There Are Environmental Factors At Play

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External and environmental factors like pollution in the air, a dry climate, and too much sun exposure can all affect the health of your skin. Combat this by being conscious of your skin’s health and using products that help alleviate environmental stressors (like sunscreen, moisturizer, and other skin protectants). Your skin is a durable protective layer but still incredibly sensitive.

The Products You’re Using Are Expired

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Utilizing expired skincare items can be ineffective and may pose potential risks to your skin. To preserve the effectiveness and trust of your products, verify the expiration dates and follow the storage guidelines. Always aim to use your products within their intended shelf life and toss any expired ones. This can also save you money in the long run.

Your Skin Isn’t Getting Enough Water

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If you want healthy skin, staying hydrated is imperative. When dehydrated, skin tends to look dull and lifeless. Drinking enough water will help to maintain the elasticity of your skin and can also help flush out unwanted toxins, which lets your skincare products perform better. It’s also great for the rest of your body and organs, so it’s a win-win!

Your Products Contain Harsh Ingredients

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Skincare products made using alcohol and synthetic fragrances can irritate the skin, which may actually make your skin worse, which is not what you want. Try to use products in your skin regimen that contain gentle and natural ingredients. This can help support the health of your skin and prevent damage. Your skin will thank you!

You Aren’t Seeking Proper Advice

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At times, seeking professional advice is crucial. Dermatologists and skincare specialists offer tailored recommendations and treatments that can more effectively target your unique skin issues than over-the-counter products, preventing the need to make uninformed guesses about your skin’s needs. It’s okay to need help with your skin; finding the right person to help you can make all the difference.

You Are Not Addressing Your Mental Health

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Your mental health plays a massive role in the way your skin looks. For instance, if you’re often feeling stressed and exhausted, your skin will appear tired because—simply put—you are tired! We don’t hear this often enough: strong mental health is the best product for your skin. Eliminate all stressors from your life, get enough sleep, and try your best to bring more joy and fulfillment into your life.

You’re Using The Wrong Amounts

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Applying the wrong amount of products can also lead to poor results. Is it too little? Is it too much? The answer is often written on the package. Before applying any product to your skin, read your labels carefully and follow the instructions. Chances are you’ve been applying way too much product to your skin in the last few weeks.

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