Tricky Emotional Skills That Happy Wives Have Mastered

Being in a happy, healthy relationship can be a lot of work! But once you master these 12 essential emotional skills, you will find that your relationship will thrive and you will be a much happier wife. While it can take some time to tackle each of these emotional skills, they are essential to keeping you and your partner content and invested in your marriage. Invest in your emotional well-being, and your relationship will thrive! Just follow this advice from happily married couples, and you, too, can have a long, healthy marriage.

Believe in Yourself

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If you want to be happy in your relationship, you first need to be happy with yourself. You cannot have a good relationship with others if you struggle with your self-worth. Be confident in who you are, and make sure you value your wants and needs. If you struggle with something in your identity, take the time to change it. Never stop working on yourself, both mentally and physically. Believe in yourself, and you will also have more confidence and security in your relationship.

Take Time to Yourself

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While you may love and adore your partner, you also need time to be alone. Lots of people struggle with being alone, but it can be a seriously beneficial emotional skill. Being alone allows you to focus on yourself. It is easier to reveal your own wants and needs when you are not always with another distracting person. Take some time to be by yourself for an hour, a day, or even a week! It will refocus your energy and allow you to prioritize yourself.

Find Your Own Happiness

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Relying only on your partner to make you happy can destroy a relationship. You need to know what makes you happy rather than clinging to your partner’s desires. Take time for your hobbies, visit with your friends, and plan activities you know will bring you joy. While your partner can definitely be part of these activities, make sure they are things that truly make your soul smile. When you are happy in life, you will be happy in your relationship.


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It can be hard to communicate how you feel, but happy wives have mastered this skill. Communication is essential to every healthy and happy relationship, and without it, your marriage is doomed from the start. Learn how to talk about the good and the bad with your partner. When discussing harder life topics, reassure your partner of your love and appreciation for them. Everyone communicates in different ways, but finding your voice in your relationship is essential.

Always be Honest

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Honesty is always the best policy! This is a fact that all happy wives know to be true. While it can be hard to always tell the truth and be honest with your partner, it is essential to a stable, trusting relationship. Be honest about the big things and the smaller, daily life events. Do not hide things from your partner, as they will always come out eventually! While absolute honesty can be tricky, it will get easier over time.

Ask for Help

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No one likes to admit that they need help, but at one point or another, we all need some assistance. Being able to ask for help when needed is an essential life skill. Whether you need the help of a professional therapist to tackle some emotional issues or you just need your husband’s help opening a jar, never be afraid to ask! You do not need to go through life alone. Happy wives know the importance of seeking help before it is too late.

Write it Down

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Writing down how you are feeling is a great way to process your emotions. There is something about putting words down on paper that is cathartic and eye-opening. When you go back and read what you wrote later, you may be surprised by how strongly you felt about a situation or event. Writing and journaling can help you see your emotions more clearly and tackle them head-on.

Be Appreciative

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Expressing gratitude for what you have is a powerful tool. Letting your spouse know that you appreciate them, along with valuing both your material and non-material possessions, can be transformative. This practice can bring both you and partner a sense of validation in both general life and in your relationship. You put in a lot of effort for your possessions and the happiness of your marriage. Take a moment to reflect on and appreciate all your hard work. It will bring you a deep sense of satisfaction and happiness.

Set Boundaries

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All happy marriages have boundaries. You need to have rules that you and your partner agree on. Set boundaries that your kids need to follow, that your in-laws should obey, and that you and your partner must adhere to. Emotional and physical boundaries are essential to a marriage so that everyone stays on the same page. You’ll be surprised at how much happiness can be found through having these rules in place.

Think Before You Speak

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It can be quite a challenge to stop and think before you say something you don’t mean, especially when you are in a heated argument with your spouse. Always remember that you cannot take your words back. Once they have been said out loud, they will never go away. Happy wives know that you should always stop and think about your words before you say them.

Watch Your Body Language

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While your words may convey one message, your body likely reveals your true feelings. Body language speaks volumes about your internal state. Actions like crossing your arms, turning away, or shrugging your shoulders clearly show unhappiness. Learn to control your body language so it aligns with your emotions. You don’t want to send mixed signals to your spouse!

Respect Your Partner

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Just as you need to respect and value yourself, you also need to respect your partner. You should be with someone who you admire and you should treat them with the respect and adoration that they deserve. Remember how much your partner does for you and your relationship and make sure they know how much you value them as a person. Mutual respect is essential for every healthy, happy relationship.

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