12 Truths Women Need To Know About Men

They say women are complicated creatures, but the fact of the matter is that people, in general, are inherently complicated. However, let’s forget about women for a second, and try to delve into the male psyche. While we haven’t got all day, here are 12 truths that women need to know about men.

Men Can’t Read Your Mind

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Oh, how easier life would be if only they could! And not just for us as women. We can say one thing but mean another. A prime example is telling your partner that nothing is wrong, yet expecting them to know that something is definitely wrong. If you tell ’em everything is fine, they’re gonna believe it.

They Can Mask Their Emotions

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Unfortunately, society has a lot to answer for when it comes to men and their emotions. Emotions, such as sadness or fear, aren’t something that many men feel comfortable showing because it’s not generally accepted. They can often mask these emotions with anger or frustration because they don’t want to show any signs of weakness.

Being Quiet Doesn’t Mean There’s A Problem

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If a man is quiet, you can be mistaken into believing something is wrong. I’ve been guilty of this in the past, conjuring up all sorts of made-up scenarios simply because my partner doesn’t feel like talking. If your partner is quiet, don’t assume that there’s a terrible reason behind it. Maybe they’re just enjoying a comfortable silence.

They Don’t Have A One-Track Mind

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We’ve all heard that men think about sex every 7 seconds, which means if it were true, then they’d have sex on their mind over 7,000 times a day. There have even been studies carried out trying to dispel this myth and while there’s no real way of disproving it, I very much doubt that anything would get done by a man if it were the case.

Men Want To Feel Like Men

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What does it mean to ‘feel like a man’? Well, the world is very different nowadays, but for the most part, many men want to be the ones who provide and protect for you and your family. It makes them feel good to know that they are taking care of you.

Some Men Will Struggle To Cry In Front Of You

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As we mentioned earlier, some men find it hard to open up about their emotions because they don’t want to appear weak. This aligns with how society views men as the strong ones, while women are seen to be more emotional and, therefore, more likely to cry. As a society, we should encourage people, especially men, that it’s okay to cry sometimes and to open up about how they’re feeling without fear of judgment.

Being Attracted To Another Woman Doesn’t Mean Anything

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Now, no one wants to feel like they aren’t wanted by their partner, but believe it or not, they are human. Hey, we’re human. You can see a person and think they’re attractive without wanting to pursue them, and just because he looks in the same direction where a woman is standing doesn’t mean he’s going to cheat. Just respect each other and be respectful of each other’s feelings.

They Want To Be Needed

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This isn’t a list of ways to help stroke a man’s ego, but it’s true that they like to be needed by you. It makes them feel useful and coincides with their need to look out for us as we are merely damsels in distress. While it’s a very old-fashioned outlook on life, it still stands for a lot of men.

The Way To A Man’s Heart Is Through His Stomach

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While I don’t think that this statement is exclusive to men and men alone (women like food, believe it or not), if you cook him a good meal, then chances are he’s going to fall in love with you. They are simple creatures. Food and sex = happy man. Not necessarily at the same time, of course, but you do you.

Little To No Interest In Drama

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We all occasionally like to hear about someone else’s drama. However, it’s very different when we’re the ones involved. I don’t necessarily think that anyone likes to be involved in drama unless you do, and that’s good for you. I see and hear a lot of men say they want someone who’s “drama free” when it comes to a relationship. It gets to a certain point when it all becomes a little bit boring.

They’d Rather Fix Your Problems Than Listen To Them

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Most men don’t want to hear about how you and your friend aren’t getting along lately. It’s been said countless times that women think emotionally whereas men think logically, and while that’s a pretty big generalization, it does kinda make sense. Without wanting to perpetuate gender stereotypes further (that’s not the purpose of this article), it is the age-old debate.

Nagging Them Isn’t Going To Work

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Has nagging anyone about anything ever worked? Well, it probably has. However, it would be so much easier and cause a lot fewer arguments if they did the thing you were nagging them about the first time you asked them, as opposed to the thirty-first.

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