Here Is How The World Would Look With True Gender Equality

People all over the world have advocated for gender equality for decades now. But have you ever stopped to think about how our societies would look if we achieved this massive milestone? Envisioning this future is the first step to getting closer to this goal. Here are 14 ways our societies would change if we achieved true gender equality.

Paid Paternity Leave

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In a world with absolute gender equality, paid parental leave would extend to all genders. The stigma behind men teaching children would also vanish. Dads would become just as vital and apparent in a child’s life as a child’s mother. Men who genuinely want to spend time with their kids would find this to be a major perk.

Women In Male-Dominated Fields

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Technically, no laws prohibit women from having male-dominated jobs like construction or software engineering. However, many women who want these jobs eventually quit or walk away as a result of the sexist, toxic behaviors displayed by male coworkers. In an equal world, this wouldn’t happen, and you’d likely see more women in male jobs.

Men In Female-Dominated Fields

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That equality would go both ways. Men could enjoy roles that often get them mocked or derided, such as roles in ballet, OB-GYN doctors, or preschool teachers. They would also get the same pay as their female counterparts. So, opportunities for men would be able to expand as well.

Stay-At-Home Dads

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Women often wish they could go to work and leave their kids alone with their dads. The truth is that many men fantasize about this life, too. The stigma surrounding stay-at-home dads prevents many couples from trying this out. An egalitarian world would allow men to choose to stay at home if they wanted to.

LGBTQIA Acceptance

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Gender equality is also linked to LGBTQIA+ rights. While a lot of progress has gone on for the community, the truth is that many people still stigmatize them due to traditional gender roles. Relationships would become more egalitarian, and people would not care who you fall in love with in a truly equal society. Hate crimes based on who you love wouldn’t exist.

Makeup For All!

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Men often wish they could use a little coverup before a hot date. They also tend to wish they could do other self-care practices without worry, such as getting manicures or pedicures. An equal society would give men the opportunity to experiment with makeup. It also would give women the opportunity to “go plain” without the stigma attached to it.

Caring For Men

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Have you ever noticed how much society tends to emphasize that “boys don’t cry?” This toxic belief makes it hard for men to express feelings and invalidates them. An egalitarian society would tell men that it’s okay to cry and make it easier for them to get the help they need when they need it.

Less Domestic Violence

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This is an interesting thing to note about gender parity: studies note that gender inequality contributes to higher domestic violence rates. A society with better gender equality would have fewer domestic assaults, fewer femicides, and fewer families pulled apart by abuse. Domestic violence would be less condoned and less excused as a result of gender parity.

More Men’s Shelters

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Did you know that there are far fewer domestic violence shelters and services for men? An equal society would have gender equality when it comes to domestic violence services and shelters, too. Men who are being terrorized by a partner would be able to find the resources they need without ridicule.

Believe Them

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Speaking of domestic violence, let’s talk about sexual assault. It’s no secret that gender disparity tends to be a reason why sexual assault victims aren’t believed. Sexism is a major reason why police don’t believe victims or don’t investigate them. This equality would make investigators believe victims, male and female alike.

Wedding Proposals

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Have you ever noticed how often wedding proposals get scrutinized by people? When a woman proposes, she’s often viewed as desperate. An equal society would get rid of that stigma and allow men to be the ones to be proposed to if they so choose.

Better Household Incomes

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Here is something else to note about gender equality. Countries that have better equality are linked to better household incomes and upward mobility. Whether it’s because of the opportunities that become available or the ability of women to save the day doesn’t matter. The end result is a happier world.

No Financial Disparity

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Gender equality also means that women and men can finally make the same amount of money. This may lead to all sorts of changes in our society. For instance, will men still be expected to propose a nice restaurant or café where to meet for a first date? And will they still be expected to pay for the woman?

No Sexual Shaming

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In an ideal world, neither men nor women would be shamed for their sexual life. Men would be able to marry their high-school sweethearts without their friends making fun of them for their lack of experience, while women would be able to explore their sexuality freely without fear of judgment.

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